Looking for a Weekend
Getaway From Town and
full service Fishing charter?
Try our
A River Inn.  One
hour drive from town,
Pristine Location on banks
of the
Pasagshak River,
one mile from Lake Rostead
Get a Charter and Lodging
Package with Captain
Rick! Visit his website at
Located on the road system 40 miles from town.  A River Inn is situated on the bank of
the Pasagshak River, a stone throw from Pasagshak State Park.  Each stay is
customized to your desires reflecting discounted rates- furnished with food, prepared
gourmet meals, transportation and other specialty amenities that of interest to you.  The
Pasagshak River and Lake Rosetead are well known for their Excellent Salmon & Trout
fishing which can be done just outside the door See
A River Inn.
Whales are seen frequently outside A Bayview and River Inn, from early May through
October.  Charter guests with Fish Kodiak Advenutres enjoy these types of whale
sightings.  Whales put on some great shows for Captain Rick and his fishing guests in
Ugak Bay.  Ugak Bay offer Excellent  Saltwater fishing for Salmon, Halibut, Lingcod
and Rock Fish.  As well as Exceptional Wildlife Viewing and Photography.
Kodiak is home to the worlds
largest bear
The Kodiak Brown Bear
Whale are plentiful around
Kodiak all summer long.  You
can whale watch from the
Privacy of your own suite.  
Spotting scope and
binoculars are standard
equipment in each suite.
Ocean view overlooking everything except your pleasures!
Contact us at:
2915 Bayview Dr. PO Box 2728
Kodiak, ALASKA 99615
Phone: (907) 481-2882
Kodiak Alaska Bed and Breakfast
Kodiak Alaska Inn
Kodiak Alaska B and B
Pasagshak Bed and breakfast
Narrow Cape Bed and Breakfast
Kodiak Alaska BnB
Kodiak AK Bed and Breakfast
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Enjoy Oceanfront Beauty in your PRIVATE
SUITE, nestled with the eagles 50 feet above
Monashka Bay. Step in through your private
outdoor entrance to your fully furnished sitting
area, kitchenette, bathroom and separate
bedroom area. Full Ocean View from your plush
queen size bed provides a serene location offering
the most comfortable setting that your visit
deserves!   Watch Whales, Sea Lions, Sea Otter,
Bald Eagles & countless Ducks and shore bird
from the privacy of your own suite.  Situated 1
mile from Ft. Abercrombie, one of Kodiak's finest
state historical parks, 5 miles from town, an easy
8 miles of coastal beauty from the airport.

Each suite offer to beds per suite, one queen sized
bed and one full size hide-a-way bed.
Free Parking
BBQ Grille
Private Bath
Size Bed
Full Size
Chest Freezer
Hair dryer/
Ironing Board
sitting area
with T.V